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MATED S.r.l. offers on-site inspection activities to assess the quality of a product, artifact or plant and its fulfillment of the requirements set by the customer

These can derive from project requirements, technical specifications, national and international codes and standards or from considerations related to experience. Second-party inspections are possible at suppliers of materials, products, machinery, plants or their components, or third-party inspections in quality; of a third party completely independent from the interested parties. MATED S.r.l. has highly qualified technicians for quality control (QC), quality assurance (QA) and expediting services in the fields of coatings, welding and non-destructive testing. In fact, in addition to experience, our technicians boast the following certifications:

  • NACE Coating Inspector Lev.2 & 3 - Certified;
  • FROSIO Coating Inspector Lev.3;
  • Welding Inspector IWI-C (comprehensive);
  • NDT Certified Inspector EN 473;
  • NDT Certified Inspector PED 97/23/CE;

These certifications, together with continuous updating, allow us to operate in all sectors, from industrial to civil and from onshore to offshore. Visit the quality section to check the certificates.


ISO 17020

Inspection activities managed in accordance with UNI CEI ISO/IEC 17020, with emphasis on impartiality and staff preparation.



Evaluations of compliance with regulations, standards, technical specifications or contracts indicated by the client or his customer.


Portable instruments subjected to LAT calibration, maintenance and periodic checks to guarantee reliability, precision and accuracy.



Competences of personnel certified by a third party and subjected to continuous monitoring to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.


The inspector's task is to gather all the information necessary to describe the conditions of a product, plant or process in order to verify its correspondence to criteria and requirements defined by the customer or reported on specifications, regulations or standards. Like an expert in medicine who chooses and adopts the most congenial tests to reconstruct a patient's clinical picture, our technicians plan and conduct analyzes aimed at collecting the information necessary to photograph the state of an industrial product or process.




The staff of MATED S.r.l. carries out the inspection activities in a responsible and independent manner, reporting any conflicts of interest or pressures that may influence the result.



All information collected during the inspection, whether from the customer or from third party sources, is considered confidential and protected from uncontrolled distribution. The same are kept for at least 5 years.



The staff of MATED S.r.l. is endowed with certifications issued by a third party obtained through the completion of a specific high-level training course and the passing of the relative examination procedures.