MATED   S.r.l.   offers   its   testing   laboratory   accredited   by   ACCREDIA   to   UNI   CEI   EN   ISO   /   IEC   17025   for   the   characterization   and   the durability   evaluation   of   materials.   The   lab   team   is   made   up   of   materials   engineers   who   combine   their   experience   with   the   large avaiability   of   equipment   in   order   to   perform   accurate   analyzes   on   multiple   types   of   materials   maintaining   the   customer satisfaction   as   a   primary   objective.   Our   customers   consider   the   characteristics   of   reliability   and   durability   of   materials   to   be strategic and deal with products with high technological content that are often subjected to extreme conditions of use. MATED S.r.l. is also a recognized Italian laboratory for performing coatings tests and qualifications for: – SNAM Rete Gas S.p.A.; – ENI S.p.A.; – SAIPEM S.p.A.; – ANAS S.p.A.; In    2018    the    audit    for    the    verification    of    compliance    with    IACS    requirements    Z17    (Rev.11    2015)    and    LR    MQPS    19-1    was successfully   passed.   The   Laboratory   is   now   certified   with   Lloyd's   Register   to   perform   Water   Ballast   Tank   Testing   according   to   the IMO Resolution MSC.215 (82). View the certificate .





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For an extended list of tests and analyzes that the Laboratory of MATED S.r.l. performs regularly consult the following page: tests list.