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BUSINESS PRINCIPLE: Managing    the    company    Quality    System    in    compliance    with    the    requirements    of    ISO    17025,    ISO    17020,    ISO    9001    and    ACCREDIA requirements,    to    ensure    a    high    professionalism    and    technical    competence    service    able    to    satisfy    Customers,    maintaining    high competitiveness and guaranteeing the right remuneration to the Company. COMPANY POLICY: In order to satisfy the principles set out above, the Management is personally committed and involves all personnel to: Respect   this   policy   and   the   requirements   of   the   ISO   17025,   ISO   17020   and   ISO   9001   standards   together   with   the   provisions   of ACCREDIA, EA and ILAC; Apply to satisfy the Customer's requirements and to improve the services rendered together with the quality provided; Report, document and implement all actions aimed at improving and resolving the non-conformities found; Adapt    to    the    company    Quality    System,    becoming    familiar    with    the    documentation    and    engaging    in    the    implementation    of    the requirements, promoting the updating and improvement of the Quality System documentation; Ensure that the Quality Policy is widespread, understood and implemented at all levels and satisfies the mandatory requirements; Continuously   improve   the   testing   and   inspection   processes,   eliminating   the   causes   of   non-compliance   and   inefficiency,   using   business process monitoring techniques; Periodically   verify   the   effectiveness   of   the   Quality   System   and   review   the   Quality   Policy   to   ascertain   its   continued   suitability   and   update it in line with the objectives and strategies; Approve   and   distribute   the   Quality   Manual,   which   describes   the   organizational   structure   and   establishes   the   levels   of   responsibility, the   authority   and   the   reciprocal   relationships   of   the   personnel   who   directs,   executes   and   verifies   the   activities   that   influence   the quality of the services; Actively   involve   all   interested   parties,   coordinating   and   supporting   them   in   full   awareness   that   they   represent   a   primary   strategic element; Promote   the   development   of   internal   professionalism   and   the   careful   selection   of   external   collaborations   in   order   to   equip   themselves with competent and motivated human resources; Plan   their   processes   with   a   Risk-Based   Thinking   (RBT)   approach   in   order   to   implement   the   most   appropriate   actions   to   assess   and   treat risks associated with the context, the stakeholders and the processes as well as exploit and reinforce the identified opportunities; Guarantee   the   "Quality   Manager"   the   full   authority   for   the   preparation   and   implementation   of   the   quality   system   and   to   give   it   the authority   to   perform   audits   and   surveillance   of   all   the   activities   that   impact   on   the   services   offered   in   order   to   be   able   to   verify compliance with the Quality Manual at any time; Guarantee the laboratory staff the professional autonomy to be able to operate with impartiality, integrity and confidentiality; IMPROVEMENT: The   Management   is   committed   to   continuously   improving   the   Quality   System,   verifying   the   tendency   of   the   performance   indicators   of   the company processes and the achievement of the set objectives.
ISO 17025 LAB N° 1487L ISO 9001 Certificato n.2501 QM
The   management   of   MATED   S.r.l.    is   focused   on   satisfying   its   customers   and   constantly   improving   the   services   provided   by   optimizing the   individual   operating   processes.   One   of   the   main   methods   adopted   is   the   commitment   to   company   quality   that   has   led   MATED   to obtain the following awards from third parties:

ISO 17025



Lloyd’s Register

ISO 9001

Globe S.r.l.

ISO 17020



MATED   S.r.l.   Laboratory   is   accredited   ACCREDIA   according   to   UNI   CEI   EN   ISO   /   IEC   17025   since   2014   for   the   execution   of   the   tests contained in the list available here  and also avaiable on the ACCREDIA website.
Certificate Accredited tests


The   management   system   of   MATED   S.r.l.   is   certified   UNI   EN   ISO   9001:2015   by   Globe   S.r.l.,   an   accredited   certification   body   according   to UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17021-1.

IMO MSC.215(82)

MATED    test    laboratory    has    been    recognized    as    conforming    to    the    requirements    of    IACS    documents    Z17    (Rev.11    2015)    and    IMO Resolution MSC.215 (82) for the provision of laboratory tests on protective coatings.


The   Inspection   Body   MATED   S.r.l.   is   accredited   by   ACCREDIA   according   to   UNI   CEI   EN   ISO   /   IEC   17020   since   2019   for   the   execution   of inspections in the context described in the certificate and on the ACCREDIA website.
Certificato n.2501 QM
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Certificate IMO MSC.215(82) ISO 17020 ISP N° 186E
ISP N° 186E